BETHANY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Bethany College held their 8th annual Ann Wilkin Trombadore Women & Leadership symposium where for the first time, they recognized an exemplary female student with the Scarlett Foster Women and Leadership Award. 

That student was senior Sophie Morey, who received the $1,000 scholarship in Bethany alumna Scarlett Foster’s name. 

Foster created the Women and Leadership Symposium and to honor that, a group of her friends started an endowed scholarship for one junior or senior to assist with professional development and their future endeavors. 

The symposium featured speakers and panel discussions focusing on careers, being successful in male-dominated fields, and showing courage in the face of adversity.  

”Bethany women are courageous, period, and incredibly accomplished for a school of this size. To have the number of people who have gone on for the level of success they have is really pretty remarkable.”

Scarlett Foster – Bethany College Alumna

”I really love, you know, the topics that we’ve chosen. Be brave, be courageous, having confidence. I myself suffer sometimes from having those doubtful voices in your head and just knowing that other people, other alum, other students have been through the same thing. And, you know, look at these amazing alumni today. They’re doing amazing things and that just gives me hope. I’m excited for my future holds.”

Sophie Morey – Scarlett Foster Women and Leadership Scholarship Winner

The announcement of the scholarship was both a surprise to Scarlett and Sophie and the award will carry on into the future.