I couldn’t really feel it that much because of how much panic I was in. Like I was dropping on the ground and it wasn’t doing anything and there was a creek near by his house, and I dove into the creek. And it was like twenty seconds then I started screaming.

Romeo Giovengo / Linsly cadet

Romeo stayed in the hospital for 12 days before getting released but the road to recovery is much longer.

He reminds me of his dad, he just keeps on fighting. He doesn’t really complain. He just gets up and he does it.

Michelle Giovengo/ Romeo’s mom

Scared from this incident, the local community stepped up to help the family during this difficult time with cards, prayers and donations.

We are overwhelmed with the people that have reached out to us when Rome was in the hospital. I can’t even begin to tell you or thank everyone that has reached out to us.

Michelle Giovengo/ Romeo’s mom

The support didn’t stop there. After seeing Romeo overcome his pain, the Linsly football players, cheerleaders and parents decided they would make Rome and honorary captain for the Cadets last game of the season.

It meant a lot because it probably meant a lot because it was their last game and it meant a lot to me because it was their last game.

Romeo Giovengo / Linsly cadet

It was a tremendous idea and it meant a lot to us that he could be a part of our final game. The Giovengos are a strong family and they’re made of tough people and I have the greatest respect for all of them.

BJ Dephew/ Linsly Head Football Coach