WHEELING, W.VA. (WTRF )- Not all heroes wear capes. Some clean uniforms and make hot chocolate for a football program that means everything to its community. And Sarge Cordery has served as Wheeling Park’s equipment manager for quite some time. 

“Back in 1988 I decided to go back up to Wheeling Park and Coach Nardone, God bless the man,” says Sarge Cordery. “He hired me as their equipment manager and ever since, when Coach Doc came to Park he asked me if I wanted to stay on and I said yeah.” 

And before Park, Sarge built quite the resume, working for West Liberty University in Wheeling, and three Arena Football League teams, The Nashville Kats, the Carolina Cobras and Detroit Fury. But the ability to bring his talents home to the Ohio Valley is the greatest joy for Sarge Cordery.  So what would inspire a man who has worked with professional leagues to bring his skillset back to the Ohio Valley?  

“It ain’t the thing of me doing it. It’s me working with them. The kids the coaches, Super 6, North-South all-star game. Those kids know you and I love them dearly.” 

Sarge’s help hasn’t gone unnoticed.  

“We appreciate him,” says Brandon Brown. “He does literally everything. He washes out stuff and gets us so ready for the next week.” 

“He just cares so much about doing things right, he’s old school, he wants it done a certain way and he always ends up saying, no I’ll do it. He just cares about the kids. And those are the type of people we want around kids. He loves the kids, he loves the coaches, he’s just a special kind of guy.” 

“A coach has got to coach. They ain’t got time for equipment, helmets, shoulder pads, doing the uniforms, cleaning them after a game because they got a job of coaching.” 

But perhaps Sarge’s love for giving back stems back to his roots in the U.S. Army. Just ask his friend of 38 years.  

“He has the utmost respect for people,” says John Lanos. “I think that was instilled in him as a veteran. His character is impeccable. Integrity is one thing that is great about Sarge Cordery.” 

“I’m a U.S. Army man and I love my country and these people live in my country and I’m here for them. I’m here for you. I serve my United States and I do anything in the world for you.” 

For Bordas and Bordas Beyond the Field, I’m Caroline Peters.