A growing trend that is picking up steam on social media is that workers could go on strike nationally during Black Friday.

Redditors are claiming the strike will start on Black Friday and would last 10 days.

A subreddit group called BlackFridayBlackOut was created on October 29 and since its existence, the group has had over 4,000 members.

The members who created BlackFridayBlackOut say they are tired that the ‘working class has been denied fair pay, while C-Level staff and managers enjoy their third home, luxury yachts, and extravagant vacations.’

Not only is the group threatening to strike, but they are also trying to get members to not shop at retail stores or online and to avoid restaurants.

There is also a website created to help get more people to participate in the cause.

For those on Facebook and Twitter that want to get more information about Black Friday Blackout can join the Facebook group here and follow the Twitter hashtag blackfridayblackout here

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