BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — The Ohio Valley Mall has apparently become a Black Friday destination of choice for shoppers from out of the area.

A basketball player from Shreve, Ohio, did her Black Friday shopping on crutches.

“I mean I get tired a lot so we have to take frequent breaks but it’s still pretty fun,” said Aubrey Burchfield. “I broke my tibia and fractured by fibula and then I had to get surgery.”

Burchfield was making progress with her Christmas shopping, and making memories too.

“My main goal for today was just to have fun with my family and spend time with my grandma,” she said.

A group from Zanesville was already in the refreshment phase of their Black Friday shopping.

“We met up about 6 o’clock this morning, got here about 7:30 or 8,” said Summer Miller of Zanesville. “We’re just getting started.”

Angela Hester of Wesson, Mississippi, has made the Ohio Valley Mall a destination every year.

“My husband works up this way along with my son, so I come at Thanksgiving because they’re not able to come home,” Hester said. “I’ve been coming up here for the last eight years, and I absolutely love it!”

The mall offers a lot of everything from massage chairs to play zones.

There’s a lot of shopping, and a lot of resting and refueling.

Out-of-towners were giving the Ohio Valley Mall rave reviews.

“Everybody is so nice,” said Hester. “And they’ve got such great deals here.”

“We have found some good deals too,” added Summer Miller. “We haven’t been to this mall for a while. We’re excited.”

She said their group sometimes doesn’t get home on Black Friday until after midnight.