Bridgeport, OH (WTRF)-Bridgeport parents listen up!

If your child plans to attend athletic events this year, they won’t have to pay an admission fee anymore. 

The Bridgeport School District has passed a resolution to let students attend sporting events for free. 

All they need to bring is a free pass. That will go out to all students in every grade, pre-k through 12th. 

The school board says this perk also helps the parents.  

“What is great is we have a lot of parents that have multiple children. They aren’t going to have to worry about paying for two students and themselves. You know, free… the kids are able to come in and are going to be able to experience it and enjoy the excitement that’s there for the Bulldog pride that we have.” 

Karrie Puskas, Bridgeport school board member

Admission is only free for Bridgeport students–not parents. 

Remember: If your child is in 6th grade or younger, an adult must attend with them. 

The free passes are expected to go out to the students in the coming weeks.