BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) A suspect in a rash of thefts of packages from porches in the Bridgeport area is now wanted on other charges.

Belmont County Prosecutor Kevin Flanagan identifies the suspect as William Freeman, formerly of Penn Street, Wheeling, and now homeless.

The man’s picture–along with that of an alleged accomplice–went viral recently when a Bridgeport woman reportedly saw them taking packages from porches, followed them, and took pictures.

The pictures circulated on social media and soon everyone was watching for the so-called porch pirates.

Bridgeport Police continue to follow up leads in that case.

In the meantime, Freeman allegedly stole a catalytic converter from a used car business in Brookside on March 8.

Warrants are issued for his arrest on charges of petty theft and criminal mischief in that case.

They say he has not been found or arrested yet.

Prosecutor Flanagan says photos and videos taken by cell phones or surveillance cameras often end up posted on social media before getting to the police.

He says those images eventually make their way into the hands of the authorities and help in solving cases.

If anyone sees William Freeman, Flanagan advises calling the police rather than approaching him.