9/11 shook the country and became a nation wide day or remembrance.

Friday, Brilliant American Legion Post 573 hosted its annual September 11 Remembrance Ceremony at the Legion post at 210 Market St.

This year’s festivities included a flag raising, wreath laying, rifle salute by the Honor Guard, performance by the Buckeye Local High School chorus and guest speaker Janet Petrella of the U.S. Army Nursing Corps.

Post Commander Deb Gilchrist says they have to keep the memory of 9/11 alive for future generations.

So much is being erased. When we were kids do you remember anything, any kind of ceremonies for Pearl Harbor? And here it is 60 70 years later nobody thinks about Pearl Harbor, we don’t want 9/11 to be like that as well, it needs to live on. It’s a painful memory but it’s an important memory.”

Deb Gilchrist – Post Commander American Legion Post 573

The ceremony was held early because they wanted to include the students from Buckeye Local.

If you missed today’s ceremony and want to watch it you can find it over on the Legion’s Facebook Page.