The Brooke County Historical Museum and Culture Center hosted a special program today in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Cliftonville mine riot.

A century ago, a deadly gun battle ensued between union miners and mine guards.

Numerous accounts reported up to 500 miners waging war at the mine.

At the end of the war nine were reported dead including Brooke County Sheriff Harding Duval.

216 men were indicted, 78 of them for murder.

In the end 30 men received various short term prison terms.

Their main speaker was Joseph Bogo.

He did extensive research of the events leading up to the riots for his history-based fictitious book, “Holes in the Hills.”

Other speakers included Terry Wiegmann, Mark Wiegmann and Richard Ferguson, former Brooke County Sheriff.

Author Candace Nelson, a Brooke County native, discussed her book The West Virginia Pepperoni Roll and how it related to the miners.