BROOKE, W. Va. (WTRF)-At least one family hit hard from the tornado that slammed through Dallas, West Virginia is getting a big help.

A bake sale in Brooke County helped raise donations for them.

The McCord family from Dallas, West Virginia has been through a lot. They lost their home to a fire in June. Then the tornado that struck more a week ago… ripped apart their barn. That barn stored everything they needed to begin rebuilding their house.

Because of all that, a bake sale is helping them out. It sold all kinds of homemade sweets, such as cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies.

All proceeds from the bake sale go towards helping the McCord family in a time of need.

“To get hit with one loss is one (thing), but to get hit with two in a month’s time is devastating, not only the McCord family, but just the town of Dallas in general… anything would help.”

Kerry Colbert, helped organize the Bake Sale

The bake sale was set up at the Brooke County Farmers Market earlier today.

You can still help the family out if you couldn’t make it. Just drop off donations at Sandhill United Methodist Church in Marshall County.