BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Cool air on a hot summer day is something to be appreciated, but not taken for granted.

The HVAC system at the Brooke County courthouse is currently down after a power surge took out eight of their nine rooftop units.

The outage occurred after Mon Power installed new poles to accommodate the courthouse’s judicial annex construction. Officials have not said how long it will take to get new circuit boards to remedy the situation.

Commission President A.J. Thomas said that preventative measures, like fans and portable air conditioners, will be used until the system is back up and running.

It’s rather hot in here, so we’ll do what we got to do. These are growing pains. It’s all for the best. We hope that the people of Brooke County will be proud of the ultimate result.

A.J. Thomas, President, Brooke County Commission

Commissioners want everyone to know that the courthouse is still open for for business even with the system down.