BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — It was Pajama Day but also the last day of the school year at Brooke Intermediate North. This is when 7NEWS, in partnership with The Health Plan, surprised our next Golden Apple Awards Winner with a check of $250.

Nominator Officer Megan met Ms. Jessica Baker while she patrolled the halls as a Prevention Resource Officer in 2019. 

“Whether it be small Christmas presents or pencils and paper. Whatever they need, she goes out of her way to get it.” 

Megan Himmelrick, Former PRO at Brooke Intermediate North

Officer Megan can only hope her son’s teachers care half as much as Ms. Baker does. 

“I definitely told my son on the way here that she was going to be mad at us for nominating her,” said Officer Megan.

Principal Nadine Sweda called Ms. Baker the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. 

“It made perfect sense. She takes care of her students academically, socially, emotionally. She’s just the whole package.” 

Nadine Sweda, Principal at Brooke Intermediate North

“All they have to do is ask,” said Ms. Baker.

This was Ms. Baker’s first time being on the news.

“I guess… I have a really good group of kids this year. They work really hard. They do everything I ask them to do. I’m blessed to be in this building and work with my colleagues.” 

Jessica Baker, Golden Apple Awards Winner

Since Golden Apple Awards started, 7NEWS has counted 200 nominations. 

Stephanie Grindley will be passing the baton to co-anchor Rebecca Little to take over the Golden Apple Awards come January 2023.

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