The destruction Hurricane Ian left in it’s wake has been devastating.

It tore through neighbor hoods up the east coast.

One in particular was Whitesburg Kentucky.

It was ravaged by flooding and a lot of the police departments lost their cruisers.

So the Bethany Police Department is coming to their aid by giving them a Police Cruiser.

Bethany Police Chief Micah Knisley called one of the departments in Whitesburg and said they have an old cruiser they wanted to donate.

He says they are happy to be able to help!

“Just helping our brothers and sisters out the best we can and especially going through something like that. We have floods here in Bethany a couple times this summer, so we know what it’s like to have to dig out. And when I talk to them they are still trying to figure out what they have and don’t have and anyway we can help them is a plus.”

Chief Micah Knisley – Bethany Police Department

They plan to take the cruiser sometime this week or next and they are going to stay the night and offer help in any way they need.