The Brooke County Judicial Annex is making great progress!

The three story building had windows installed this week.

The $12.3 million project will house the court systems.

Which include the magistrate, family and circuit courts, along with the circuit clerk’s office, probation office and the prosecutor’s office.

Commission President A. J. Thomas says this building will be a huge asset, will allow for more efficient operations, and add the space they need for each department.

“That annex is extremely necessary for the county to be able to continue to operate efficently and effectively. Right now you know we have our family court jammed in a closet under the stairs. Our magistrate court is in the old green room here at the courthouse, there’s a drain in the middle of the floor, I mean this is not ideal.”

A. J. Thomas – Commission President

Thomas says it was slated to be complete by April of this year but have since found out there will be an eight week delay due to a key electrical component that is on back order.