Broooke County Commissioners are speaking out about getting Prevention Resource Officers in schools.

They want the Board of Education to use levy funds and make the PRO’s a priority.

Tuesday at the commission meeting Prosecutor Joe Barki showed a power point presentation of the break down of the cost analysis of a deputy sheriff.

He also went into detail about the excess levy funds the Board of Education receives along with the BOE’s promise on a levy pamphlet of the PRO’s in each school.

During the meeting commissioners approved the Board of Education’s Memorandum of Understanding with a change of the number of $80,000 per deputy, per year for a 5 year period.

“It does come down to a matter of prioritizing what your spending the tax payers money on, and when one of the key promises of the levy is a guaranteed officer in every school, that should be the number one priority.”

A.J. Thomas – President Brooke County Commission

Now it goes back to the BOE.

Commissioners hope they vote and approve this MOU.