Right up until the election, we will be highlighting the races that mean the most to you in the valley.

Starting off our election previews in Brooke County with the much anticipated commission race.

Thomas Diserio is running against incumbent Tim Ennis for the seat.

Lots of things are in the works for Brooke County.

From the new Judicial Annex building, the new bridge, to a centralized ambulance station and a new 911 system.

And other things are in the works waiting to be brought to fruition.

Tim Ennis and Thomas Diserio want to be a part of bringing the county to the 21st century.

Both men are lifelong residents of Brooke County and are vying for your vote.

“When I ran for county commission, I made more promises to the people of Brooke County that I would be a working commissioner, that I would be a commissioner for all of Brooke County, that I would be a faithful steward of the taxpayers’ money, and that I would work continuously to see the new bridge be built in southern Brooke County. I’m proud of those accomplishments that I’ve done.”

Tim Ennis -(D) Incumbent Brooke County Commission

Diserio says he’s running to bring new blood and new life into county politics. He wants to bring jobs back to the area, especially after the coke plant closed.

“One of the things that I want to strive for is transparency, that’s becoming more and more important as taxpayers’ monies are being spent. Employ local people, businesses here because then it’s a trickle down effect. If businesses are operating in Brooke County or the surrounding areas then the money is coming back into Brooke County.”

Thomas Diserio – (R) Running for Brooke County Commission

Diserio says he believes transparency is a big problem in the county. He says he will have an open door policy always.

He also wants to reach out the younger generation and show people they can stay in the area just like he did.

“Everybody wants to know where their monies are going, what is being done for the residence, what’s being done for the business owners, what’s being done for potential new business owners, or opportunities in the county. So transparency is huge. One of the things I really want to strive for is to show the younger generation that they can stay here, they can strive, be positive in our area and be productive, that’s the goal.”

Thomas Diserio – (R) Running for Brooke County Commission

Ennis says the biggest concern in Brooke County is economic development and jobs. He says to have those you need a strong infrastructure.

With West Virginia recently receiving billions in economic development money, he says his contacts in D.C. could really help the county.

“I know and have the viable contacts on both the state and federal level to be assured that Brooke County receives their fair share of those monies. Having a strong infrastructure will bring on many mini jobs and with the new bridge coming to southern Brooke County we’ve got land available for major economic development.”

Tim Ennis – (D) Incumbent Brooke County Commission

Both had a message for the voters;

“I love Brooke County, I want to see Brooke County be the best it can be. Someone once said why settle for a second when first is available, and I want Brooke County to be first in a lot of items.”

Tim Ennis – (D) Incumbent Brooke County Commission

“I’m a lifelong resident of Brooke County. I’ve always had Brooke County in my heart, I’ve always done everything to better leave Brooke County a better place and I’m going to continue to do that.”

Thomas Diserio – (R) Running for Brooke County Commission

Tim Ennis’ history and work in the county:

-Been a commissioner since 2012

-Re-elected in 2016

-Served on Wellsburg City Council

-Served on WV House of Delegates

-Bus Driver for Brooke County Schools for 40 years

-Short time as a Wellsburg Police Officer

-Drove Truck for Eagle Manufacturing

Thomas Diserio history and work in county:

-Brooke High School Graduate

-West Liberty Graduate

-Wellsburg Fire Department, 22 years

-Dispatcher in college

-Former EMT and Wellsburg Police Officer

-Currently Assistant Fire Chief Follansbee Fire Department

-Served on Wellsburg City Council, 3rd Ward

-Coached youth football, baseball, and softball

– Currently a Varsity Coach

-Worked at Eagle Manufacturing

-Currently works for Empire Diversified Energy