BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — ARPA funds are being put to good use in Brooke County.

The monies have been appointed to go towards improving the water and sewer facilities for underserved areas in the county.

Commissioners say they have several projects in the works.

At the meeting Tuesday they shared funds totaling just under a million dollars are going toward Hammond PSD Water system improvement and other moneys for the Drover’s Inn sewer project that includes the restaurant and other residences in Washington Pike.

“Expand either water and sewer to new or existing customers or to upgrade Dilapidated infrastructure for some of these PSDs, some pumps haven’t been replaced for 20 years. Being able to use this ARPA funding to upgrade infrastructure and to server new people you know and that’s really what the intention of it was and that’s what we’re doing with it.”

A. J. Thomas – President Brooke County Commission

He says they have been able to use ARPA moneys to fund seven water and sewer projects for the county.