It was an emotional day at the Brooke County Commission meeting.

Tuesday was Commissioner Tim Ennis’s last meeting before retirement.

There were many heartfelt words from the community about him and the work he has done for the county.

“I am grateful to have worked with you, a rare jewel of life, difficult to find, and impossible to replace. I have peace in knowing you will continue to support our community, because that’s who you are.”

Stacey Wise – Commissioner

Dozens were in attendance at this week’s Brooke County Commission meeting.

As it was Tim Ennis’s last one as commissioner after a decade in the seat.

Ennis has a long history of public service as Wellsburg Police Officer, Wellsburg City Council Member, State Delegate, a Brooke County Bus Driver, and County Commissioner.

“I’m just so appreciative of the people that showed up today and the friends and people that I’ve known my entire life and got to learn and appreciate so much of what they’ve given me and advice and just their friendship. So it’s been a wonderful time.”

Tim Ennis – Commissioner

Commission President, A. J. Thomas says the county wouldn’t be where it is today without all the hard work Tim has done, especially the county’s finances that he got back on track when he first started.

“He really made a lot of the hard decisions, and yes, told a lot of people no, in order to put this county on the right path and just 10 years later you know we have not just the funds to operate how we’re supposed to but also to put toward these public improvement projects.”

A. J. Thomas – Commission President

Tim worked hard for the county and everyone in attendance shared what he meant to them.

From the Brooke County Museum and Cultural Center, Senior Center, to the BHJ and BDC and so many more.

Even Former Senator Ed Bowman, County Clerk Sylvia Benzo, and Former Commissioner James Andreozzi shared memories.

“Tim Ennis is at the very top of my scale when it comes to honesty, integrity and just over all character and I say that from the heart. When his name came up in conversations I would say you know Tim Ennis? They would say yes, I’d say well if you don’t like Tim Ennis, you don’t like anybody.”

Ed Bowman – Former Senator

“There’s no more, not one person in this county that has more integrity, compassion, and honesty as you.”

James Andreozzi – Former Commissioner

Ennis says Brooke County has always meant so much to him and it always will.

“My family’s lived in Brooke County since the creation of Brooke County since 1797 and I really feel that Brooke County’s best days are in front of it. I don’t believe our best days are behind us. I’m really excited about Brooke County and continue to stay here.”

Tim Ennis – Commissioner

He says he is looking forward to this new season of his life and his retirement will consist of playing a lot of golf.

Tim wanted to thank everyone for their support all these years, especially his family.