BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — Brooke County Commissioners acquired this land which is on Pleasant Avenue in Wellsburg to be the new home of Brooke County EMS.

It will combine station 1 in Marshall Terrace and station 2 in Follansbee.

Which officials say will make things much better on multiple fronts especially the cost of maintaining two stations.

Deputy Director of EMS/EMA, Jeff Luck said, “By unifying the stations at one location it will allow us to decrease the expense of mainly our utilities.”

He said that this will be a big help especially if there is a second call that they need to go to. 

With both ambulances coming from the same place their response time will benefit residents more then if they were at two separate locations.

“Having this unified station will allow us to send the appropriate truck at the appropriate time. all in all it will make for a better level of care services,” said Luck.

Commission President A.J. Thomas said this will mean great things for the county and the EMS services. 

Thomas says the stations they are in right now aren’t the greatest and they hope to provide a quality service to the county.

He said. “The people, they want it and they vote for the levy every year and they deserve it. so through responsible saving and spending we feel like we can finally do this and really give the county what it deserves.”

Commissioners hope to pick an architect at the upcoming meeting on Tuesday.