WELLSBURG, W.Va. (WTRF) — A new plan is coming to the Brooke County EMS department that will help the employees for years to come.

Brooke County Commissioners accepted a request from the Brooke County Ambulance Board Authority on Tuesday for a strategic plan for the department moving forward.  

The new plan will give the Ambulance Authority long-term goals for the department as it continues expanding and growing.

It will also give the department recommendations on how to reach those goals and streamline different tactics to become more efficient.

The President of the Commission said that the future is something they always have in mind.

”We need to be looking far into the future, especially with Brooke County EMS because even though we’ve just acquired several new ambulances, you know, we’re building a new EMS station. Those things have finite lives, and Brooke County EMS is about to start receiving more grant or levy funding than it’s ever received before.”

A.J. Thomas – President, Brooke County Commission

Thomas says that after the department receives more grant or levy funding, they want to be able to spend the money in a way that will benefit taxpayers.  

The plan will also work to provide employees with a safe and effective working environment as the department grows.