Two first responder departments received grants for essential gear from William’s Energy.

The Brooke County Sheriff’s Department received $5,000 for communication head sets for their SRT Unit and EMS received $11,400 for two McGrath video laryngoscopes and replacement blades, three updated S-SCOR III suction units, and six Harwell EVAC-U-SPLINTS vacuum splint kits.

First responders say this money helped secure much needed equipment to further the well being of county residents and emergency situations.

“So we’re really focused on the community and we’re happy to be here and be part of it. And anything we can do to make the community a safer place we really prioritize and want to do. And we really think that giving back is important. And so we’re just pleased to be able to be part of this.”

Josh Strnisa – William’s Energy Operations Supervisor Panhandle North

“Communication On those major incidents emergency call outs, high risk search warrants, barricades, anything like that. Communication is often the first thing to fall apart. And with this, we’ve had a much easier time communicating from one team member to the next, which ultimately can play a whole role in how successful the outcome of that operation is.”

Sgt. Devin Baker – Brooke County Sheriff’s Department

“We really appreciate William’s Energy. You know, they’re there in our county. They’re trying to be a good neighbor. You know, they’re helping out these vital public services.”

A.J. Thomas – President Brooke County EMS Board/Commissioner

William’s Energy plans to continue to do their part and help out the communities in which they serve.