Brooke County Commissioners held a special meeting Wednesday morning regarding two unexpected job openings.

Commissioners received a letter of resignation from both the Brooke County Dog Warden, Dan Posey and Assistant Dog Warden, Tonya Posey.

With the vacancies, commissioners asked if former Dog Warden and Commissioner James Andreozzi would fill in temporarily until they hire a new one.

Andreozzi said absolutely and Commissioner A. J. Thomas says they are grateful, especially because the temperatures are getting colder.

“The laws are still the laws. I will check and see if there are any new ordiances, I understand I followed you all pretty closesly. There are some ordiances that have changed. I’m going to get familiar with those and do the best we can for having a humane program and take into consideration the tax payers are paying for this program. I will work together with any people, any anyimal groups in this county.”

James Andreozzi – Temporary Dog Warden

He will be on patrol tonight checking to see if there are any animals that should not be out in the cold.

For those wishing to apply or if you have any questions you can call the 304-737-3661.