A agreement still has not been voted upon for PRO’s in Brooke County schools.

This comes as a private meeting was held on Tuesday with county officials and Board of Education members to finalize the contract for both parties.

Today Commission called a special meeting with the purpose of taking a vote on the contract but one was not in the hands of commission.

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Prosecutor Joseph Barki says it was his understanding that the parties had come to an agreement on terms when they left the meeting. He breaks down some of the agreement.

“County commission will be responsible for paying all of the upfront costs and then after that they will both pay a percentage of the salary and benefits for each officer working throughout the year. The Board of Education will pay obviously a higher percentage of the salary and benefits throughout the year.”

Joseph Barki – Prosecutor Brooke County

He says that’s because most of the work they will receive will have to do with the schools.

The topic is once again on the agenda for both the BOE on Monday night and the County Commission meeting Tuesday morning.