A Brooke County resident is celebrating 100 years of life!

And one of her favorite things to do is play Bingo!

Members decorated her bingo seat for her as a surprise and as soon as she walked in the door she was all smiles.

Marian Taylor has been playing Bingo at the Wellsburg Banquet Center for years and as she reached a milestone Birthday the members wanted to show her how much she means to them.

“She means everything so she’s our little angel she is she is our bingo angel and we love her this is truly a tribute to see 100 and be able to come to bingo every Thursday and play her cards I mean it’s amazing we love her.”

Della Serevicz – Social Member Wellsburg VFD

Marian has her own seat and name card and a standing date at the Bingo Hall every Thursday!

They shared some of their favorite memories of her!

“She used to bring in cookies for some of the firefighters and if she didn’t bring them in and they were wondering what, are you ok is everything going ok, we want our cookies.”

Jerry Smith – Wellsburg VFD

Other members say it’s not just Bingo it’s a family.

“We enjoy Marian being here and as Della said when our members don’t come, we call and check up on them. They are really welcomed here and it’s a great place to come and play bingo.”

Robin Snyder – Social Member Wellsburg VFD

Marian served in the Military.

She’s is a WWII Veteran.

In the Navy she was a parachute packer.

She said she’s had a great life and is surrounded by her loved ones.

“She calls me buddy, that’s my nickname buddy. That’s my nickname buddy. She’s been a wonderful woman and a wonderful sister-in-law.”

Charles Taylor – Marian’s Brother-in-Law

Mayor Daniel Dudley also gave her the key to the city!

“This is just a great great honor to be able to honor this lady for some of the things that she’s done. She’s a true patriot and she has done everything and just glad to see her around for 100 years and hopefully 100 more.”

Mayor Daniel Dudley – City of Wellsburg

They had a cake for her and sang her happy birthday!

“It feels great to be 100 and still get around. I’m glad that I’m healthy. Well I love this place, this is my favorite place to be, right here.”

Marian Taylor – 100 Years Old

Her celebration continues into the night as everyone at Bingo will be singing to Marian!

The Wellsburg Banquet Center hold Bingo every Thursday.

Doors open at 5:30, Early birds are at 6:30 and Bingo starts at 7PM.

The Hall was recently renovated all thanks to the hard work of the Wellsburg Volunteer Fire Department!