BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) Drug overdoses are on the rise in Brooke County.

Sheriff Richard Beatty says there have been several OD’s in the last two weeks alone.

He says there has been at least one death with the possibility of another, pending a toxicology report.

Sheriff Beatty says they made an arrest recently where a woman had drugs in her purse that were all laced with fentanyl.

He says it’s something deputies are seeing too often.

“It seems to have gotten away from heroin and now it’s everything is laced with fentanyl, no matter what it is fentanyl seems to be involved and of course it only takes a little bit of fentanyl to be extremely dangerous.”

Sheriff Richard Beatty – Brooke County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Beatty says buying street drugs is a very dangerous game right now.

He says if anyone is seeing any drug activity or suspected activity to report it immediately.