Brooke County Commissioners discussed the three levies they are putting on the ballot for this November election.

They are for Fire, Emergency Services, and Community Services.

Commission President A.J. Thomas says they decided to run them this November because of major changes that could be happening with amendments they need to know what the voters want in order to be able to budge moving forward.

He wanted to stress this is not an increase to voters what so ever.

“Without these levies passing the Brooke County County Animal Shelter you know wouldn’t be able to run, the ambulance service certainly wouldn’t be able to run, our fire departments would struggle. So this is extremely important. The libraries rely on it, the Brooke County Senior Center relies heavily on it. So it’s important for the voters to go out and do their research.”

A.J. Thomas – President Brooke County Commission

The levies are open to the public, if anyone would like to read them over.

Election day is November 8th.