It’s been an on going issue for years.

And after the events of this weekend where two slides restricted Brooke County residents, Commissioners want something done.

On Saturday a slide on the north end of town on the Wabash Bridge shut down the roadway for motorists and on the same day on the south end near the new bridge another slide shut down the road way.

During Monday commission meeting Tim Ennis spoke up saying this is an issue that needs addressed.

These slides, shut down the town’s access to one of the most used roads.

“Wellsburg was pretty much isolated. You couldn’t get traffic from the south you couldn’t get traffic from the north. So it’s a problem and it needs to be dealt with and there needs to be a permanent solution to these problems.”

Tim Ennis – Brooke County Commissioner

In the coming weeks commissioners will be reaching out to local legislators and the division of highways to come up with a plan.