It’s a thankless job.

Imagine answering the call on someone’s worst possible day.

Four Brooke County dispatchers went above and beyond the call of duty and for that they were recognized Friday.

Tina Degarmo, Jessica Edwards, Nikki Mathess, and Adam Eckersberg were honored in front of friends and family.

All together they have 38 years of experience in dispatching.

Nikki Mathess says she’s handled some pretty rough calls.

“I’ve handled shooting calls, domestics were people have almost killed their significant other. It’s been pretty bad, the worst ones are the ones when kids are involved.”

Nikki Mathess – Dispatcher/9 Years

Jessica Edwards says she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.
She says helping those in need is what gets her up in the morning.

“It’s a family, its a community, it’s a compassion that everybody has for each other and ultimately Brooke County is a big family and we’re all here to help each other.”

Jessica Edwards – Dispatcher/10 Years

Dispatchers are the lifeline between the people and them getting the help that they need.

“A lot of people don’t realize the difficult calls that we do take. We’re the ones that are responsible for all the officers, police, the ambulance, all them being out there, why they’re out there and what they’re doing.”

Tina Degarmo – Dispatcher/12 Years

Brooke County 911 Director Christina White says each dispatcher has showed how dedicated they are to the county, the first responders, the center, and the citizens.

“Being a dispatcher, you’re behind the scenes and people don’t get to see you. So typically they’re forgotten when it comes to first responding and it’s nice for them to be recognized and show how much they are appreciated. Again it takes a very special person to be behind that phone and to stay calm when somebody else is having the worst day of their life.”

Christina White – Brooke County 911 Director

This was all part of National Telecommunicator Week, but White says they appreciate them every week.

If you want to help others and work with the public, dispatching might be for you.

Just stop at the Brooke County Courthouse and fill out an application.