Free access to healthcare services will be available in Brooke County.

The Brooke Hancock County Adult Services Coalition is putting on a St. Patrick’s Day themed Health Fair at the Brooke County Senior Center.

The event will be March 16th from noon to 2 pm and it will include services from home care and hospice, to pharmacy and hospital needs.

Facilitator, Tate Blanchard says this is a great way for senior citizens and family members to gain access to resources that are available should they ever need them.

“It’s very important because as we age often times, we don’t know what resources are available here in the Ohio Valley and so it’s really great to have a one stop shop where you can come in and find out what type of healthcare entities are available to us.”

Tate Blanchard – Facilitator Brooke Hancock County Adult Services Coalition

Again the event is free and open to the public.