BEECH BOTTOM, W.Va. (WTRF) — Everyone has been hanging in there for the new renovations on the Third Street Playground in Beech Bottom, and Saturday was finally the day.

On the other side of a green ribbon is a new look to the Third Street Playground that the residents of Beech Bottom know and love.

The ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday represented this new era for this playground, and Mayor Becky Uhlly says it has been long-awaited.

We’re out here to celebrate the kids in this town. I mean, they have been so patient and waited all summer long. I mean, we’ve had this park locked down, doing all of these renovations and they’ve been chomping at the bit to get out here and play basketball and we finally got to let them out here today, so I’m so happy.

Becky Uhlly, Mayor of Beech Bottom

What originally started as a simple replacement of the basketball court, and surfaces of the play areas turned into multiple additions and renovations.

The grant was submitted for back in 2020, and today the work is being seen after around $450,000.00 has been put into improvements.

The original grant was $166,000. We had a lot of change orders, we’ve added walls, we’ve added drainage, we’ve added lighting. The last I added up, without the last couple of bills, it was $452,000.00 we’ve invested in this community, so, I think it was well worth it.

Becky Uhlly, Mayor of Beech Bottom

All of the children in attendance were part of the ceremony, and had their names raffled off to select who would get to officially cut the ribbon.

Those who have put work into this project are excited to see it finally being put to good use.

Kids use this – every day, you see kids on this playground, when it was open – and we look forward to it being used every day again.

Becky Uhlly, Mayor of Beech Bottom

The Third Street Playground in Beech Bottom is sliding into their new look, and they can’t wait to see you here.