FOLLANSBEE, W.Va. — (WTRF) On Valentine’s Day many people give or receive a bouquet of flowers.  

To make that happen, shops begin prepping months in advance to fill the high demand and prepare for the big day.  

But when it comes down to making deliveries, some flower shops could use some extra hands. 

Owner of Follansbee Flowers and McCauslen, Kasey Marino, says her shops do their best to keep up but are always flooded with last-minute orders.  

So, to ensure that everyone gets their beautiful bouquets on the special day, she calls in for some back up.  

Tomorrow is a big day and bring on extra staff what we do is we partner with the Follansbee Firefighters, and they deliver our orders for us, and I donate back to them 10% of the sale, back to the fire department.

So, they can do whatever is needed with it and it’s a great community effort together. We get the product out and they get a little fundraiser out of it.

Kasey Marino, Owner of Follansbee Flower 

Marino says Valentine’s Day is about spreading love and happiness.

They’ve been partnering with the fire department for years and It’s become a great way to support each other.