BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. — Brooke County detectives received an anonymous call concerning two juvenile females who have reported sexual abuse, according to a criminal complaint.

The juvenile females live with their mother (7News is not naming her to protect the identity of the victims and other siblings.) The caller stated that the juveniles were allegedly sexually abused by Jon Logan, the husband of the juveniles’ family member.

According to the complaint, the juvenile stated that Jon Logan allegedly gave her something to knock her out. Both victims stated that Logan had allegedly touched them.

The criminal complaint states that on January 13, 2022. the two females were interviewed at The Comfort House advocacy center in Weirton, West Virginia. The juvenile explained that she feels unsafe at her aunt’s house because of Logan and stated that he “makes her feel uncomfortable, gets too close to her, and gets mad if they don’t do what he asks.” When asked to elaborate on that the juvenile stated that Jon “smacks her butt and hold her tight from behind.” The juvenile disclosed that Jon would rub her thigh area and on two-three different occasions his hand would touch her “pee-bug”, and squeeze that area tighter than when he was touching her thigh. The juvenile explained that her “pee-bug” was her private area.

Logan’s wife came to the sheriff’s department to talk about the allegations against her husband, Jonathan Logan. She allegedly stated she wasn’t aware of any incidents that had happened with Jon and the juvenile females, but was aware of Facebook messages he had sent her regarding these juvenile females.

According to officials, Logan’s wife stated that Logan allegedly messaged her about giving the girls alcohol and Benadryl in an attempt to incapacitate them so that he could do sexual things with the girls. She stated that after messaging about these ideas Logan had, they had spoken in person and she advised him that they would not be doing that to the girls.

Logan allegedly told detectives about the Facebook messages between his wife and him but that he would never act on those thoughts. Logan allegedly eventually confessed, according to officials, to touching the juvenile on her vagina area over top of her clothing for sexual gratification, the complaint states.

According to The Weirton Times, Logan was arrested on April 3, 2022. He appeared in court on May 10, 2023, and the trial is still ongoing, according to the Brooke County Prosecuting Attorney’s Facebook page.

Stay tuned to 7News for updates on this ongoing trial.