They want deputies in schools but Brooke County Commissioners and the Board of Education still have no agreement in place.

On Tuesday the two sides sat down again.

From the County side, Commissioner A.J. Thomas, County Coordinator, Adrienne Ward, Sheriff Richard Beatty and the Prosecutor, Joe Barki were in attendance and on the Board of Education side, President Ted Pauls, Superintendent Jeffrey Crook, and the board’s attorney.

Commission President A.J, Thomas say their goal remains the same but this issue has been in limbo for a long time.

“Well hopefully you know instead of all this back-and-forth through the attorneys, we can have a face-to-face, you know instead of waiting these weeks in order to go back-and-forth on our positions. We can come together sit down talk it out, hopefully have a resolution and be able to take action at our special meeting that we called for Friday.”

A.J. Thomas – President Brooke County Commission

The meeting he spoke of is Friday the 23rd at 10 am at the courthouse.