BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) The West Virginia Siren Committee is looking to update the siren system in the Mountain State in order to enable WiFi connectivity for the radios that Brooke County first responders have.

Commission President A. J. Thomas says this means that if a first responder were to enter a building where the signal would otherwise cut out, this new system will automatically pick on on WiFi and enable communications to dispatch and the outside units.

So that’s a big deal for our first responders, their safety and the safety of the people inside of those buildings. So, we very much look forward to that and very much appreciate the state, continuing to update its system and bring these safety measures to our first responders.”

A. J. Thomas – Commission President, Brooke County

He says this will be the most advanced the technology for communications has been in decades for Brooke County.