The City of Wellsburg has a new officer on the force.

Nathan Taylor was sworn in by Mayor Daniel Dudley in front of his family and friends.

Officer Taylor says he always wanted to be in law enforcement and serve the community from a young age.

He says being able to do that in the place he grew up means so much.

“It means a lot since I finally got to do what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Nathan Taylor – New Wellsburg Police Officer

It’s nice to get some young officers, get them through the academy, get more officers on the street here in Wellsburg. We’ve been shorthanded for a while. We just recently hired another one before him’ this will be the second officer in probably the last month, which we really need bad here in town.”

Chief Michael Allman – Wellsburg Police Department

Both Officer Taylor and another new officer, Michael Nickerson, will be attending the police academy starting January 16 and they graduate in May.