The construction on the Brooke County Centralized Ambulance Station has come to a slight halt following tanks that were found beneath the property.

After some research was done, officials found out an old gas station used to be there in the 1950’s but these tanks were not on the DEP tank registration.

DEP and EPA representatives were dispatched to the site for soil samples.

Those lines and tanks have since been removed and officials say preliminary testing has come back clean and no cause for concern.

“Well anytime you have buried tanks that are substantially old in age, the concern is how well were the tanks made, what was the material being stored in the tanks, and were the tanks compromised over any period of time.”

Tommy Diserio – Brooke County Commissioner

Diserio says all the proper precautions were taken when the tanks were discovered.

He says they are still waiting on some official test results.

The project is only set back about a month but in that time part one of the beautification process of the site has been taken place with tree removal.