A hot topic is again on the agenda for Brooke County Commission, Public Resource Officers in schools.

At the commission meeting last week, the Brooke County Board of Education came in with a request for up to three school officers and a proposed amount to pay per officer.

Both worked on contracts, the BOE submitted theirs last week, commission made modifications on Friday, and then the BOE came back Tuesday with another revision.

Commission President A. J. Thomas says the council will review it and hope to move forward.

The number one priority is the safety of the children in Brooke County. So you know when both of the parties who can accomplish that come together and work together you know that’s for the best.”

A. J. Thomas – President Brooke County Commission

We’re working very well together with the county commission and you know they want to see this happen and we want to see this happen so I think here shortly within the next week or two hopefully there will be a mutual agreement that we can you know both move forward on, and make sure that school resource officers are in our schools.”

Jeffrey Crook – Superintendent, Brooke County Schools

Crook says they are putting the PRO’s on the agenda for their Board meeting on September 12th.