A decision to put Prevention Resource Officer’s in Brooke County Schools is once again on hold.

After a private meeting between parties last week it appeared a tentative agreement was reached but after the Board of Education meeting Monday night and Commission meeting Tuesday that seems not to be the case as they are still far apart.

Superintendent Jeffrey Crook says Monday night was the first time the board members saw the contract and heard the full information regarding PRO’s.

Crook says board members wanted to take the time and process the information saying it’s too important for them to just rush through it.

Commissioners say a lot of thought was put into the proposed agreement last week and they are very disappointed with what happened.

“Unfortunately the way this works for Both you and the board, nothing becomes official until you vote on it and until they vote on it. I thought both sides really had a good understanding as to why the terms that we walked out of there were being proposed to each board as they were.”

Joseph Barki – Brooke County Prosecutor

Commissioners say they are frustrated because what happened at the BOE meeting didn’t reflect what was discussed at the meeting they had between both parties on Tuesday.

7News asked commissioners what happens now, they responded saying they do not know at this time.