BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – A group of area students flexed their green thumbs Thursday outside of Brooke Middle School at the 4-H Garden.

The kids spent the day prepping and planting a variety of foods and flowers and had some time to play games as well. The supplies were made possible from a grant from the WVU Extension Service to help promote 4-H in Brooke County.

Jason Rine, the 4-H Extension Agent for the area gave us a preview of what kind of things would be filling the student-run garden.

“So, we’re planting some tomatoes, peppers; we’re gonna plant some flowers over in this bin here. That’s going to be our pollinator bin to bring in some butterflies and bees to help pollinate the rest of the plants.”

JASON RINE, 4-H Extension Agent for WVU Extension in Brooke County

Students will take care of the plants over the course of the year, and eventually will get to take home some of the final product once it is ready this summer.