BEECH BOTTOM, W.Va. (WTRF) — There’s some important construction work going on in Beech Bottom that will help prevent some of the sinkhole issues the village has been dealing with for decades.

The village recently received a FEMA grant to replace the storm sewers causing the sinkholes.

Construction workers began working on replacing the sinkhole on the river side of the town about a month ago. Now, they are currently working on replacing the area on Route 2 and the River Road alley.

The workers are expecting the project to take a total of 3 months to be completed. 

The mayor of Beech Bottom said once all the work is done it will be a relief for everyone in the village.

”It’ll be nice to be able to have access to this alley. It’s been closed to the residents on the other end. There was another sinkhole at the east end of this alley, it’s been closed for like eight years. They haven’t been able to utilize this alley all the way. That’ll be nice.”

Mayor Becky Uhlly – Village of Beech Bottom

The mayor said the workers are currently ahead of schedule, but anticipates the work to slow down as they move into the alley and are faced with utilities underground.