WELLSBURG, W.Va. (WTRF) — Eighty years’ worth of development and generational change were laid out on a table in Wellsburg Friday.

A time capsule from 1940 was discovered under the steps of city hall during a renovation.

Inside a severely water damaged box held newspapers, pamphlets and letters from a time when the Great Depression still had a hold on everyday life.

Also included were artifacts from the Masonic Lodge, who laid the original city building cornerstone.

Government officials say at one point Wellsburg was competitive with Wheeling and Pittsburgh in industry.

You can definitely tell from this old material here that a lot of things have left the area, but we’ve also gained quite a few new things. It just shows that Brooke County can transform, it can modernize and still survive.

A.J. Thomas, Brooke County Commissioner

It’s just amazing that you’re looking at periodicals and ordinance books and things back when FDR was president. It’s truly a look back in time.

Steven Magushak, Wellsburg City Manager

A new capsule has been placed in the county’s new judicial annex—this time in PVC pipe to prevent flooding damage.

It contains Masonic items and local business cards, along with a letter from Commissioner Thomas to his children.