A video showing a Follansbee police officer is being shared on social media over his fiery conversation with a person police are calling a ”repeating drug offender.’

Police say it started with a call that happened around 6 a.m. with a man sleeping in a car on Neville street.

The two officers who arrived said they woke up the man and that he needed to move on from the area.

Later in the morning, another call came in with the same situation, that’s when Capt. Rick Reinard arrived at the scene and give the ‘repeating drug offender’ the ‘riot act’

The ‘riot act’ is to sternly tell them to behave well, to demand good behavior, and warn them of dire consequences if they do not stop what they are doing.

When asked about the video in question police chief Larry Rea said he had no problem with the video and he backs his officer except for the foul language.

‘We’ve been dealing with this gentleman for probably closer to two years, he has had plenty of time to go get help, and our officers have offered places for him to go get help. So that was the other complaint; well you know your officer’s a little harsh on him he’s asking for help. Well a lot of people don’t understand the backstory to it and that is the backstory, this gentleman has had all the opportunities, plus later that day he overdose stuff on Hooverson Heights in his car, and two days later he was out on Cross Creek Road outside of his car sleeping in the grass. So this gentleman is well-known to us he’s had plenty of opportunities to get help for himself.’ 

Larry Rea

Rea says they plan on increasing police presence on Neville street.

You can watch the video of the incident here. (Viewer discretion is advised.)