A West Virginia fire chief has been accused of falsifying accounts

Current Wellsburg fire chief, Scott Kins was allegedly skimming money from the fire department lottery raffles, and bragging about it, according to a criminal complaint.

West Virginia State Police say they questioned Kins after finding out there were audits done the last two years with the Wellsburg Volunteer Fire Department accounts.

Kins said he was in charge of the accounts and was responsible for 20 plus raffles and bigos since he took over as chief, according to state police.

State police said Kins advertised the raffles and some of the money was collected through cashapp and that money was put into a savings fund at Main Street Bank that is in his name.

Kins then told state police that the money would then be transferred to the general fund from his savings account, according to the criminal complaint.

The criminal complaint says that Kins would also put the cashapp money for raffles into his joint savings account, then his joint checking account to order the prizes for the next raffle.

According to State Police, Kins confirmed this was his personal checking account.

The complaint says that Kins purchased some items at a discount, with the money being placed into the fire department account following the purchase.

Troopers also say that Kins used $500 that was advertised for a raffle to build a handicap ramp at his house. The complaint says this was the only time that occurred and it was never documented, according to Kins.

Kins is out on a personal recognizance bond.