A West Virginia man from Brooke County is being charged for sexual abuse by a person in a position of trust to a child, first-degree sexual assault and first-degree sexual abuse for alleged sexual contact with a child in October 2017.

Accused is Shaine W. Black. The victim told Harmony House Child Advocacy that Black placed his privates in her mouth and left them there “for a while” The victim claimed Black offered her a popsicle afterwards.

During the investigation it was found that Black and the victim’s birth mother live together but she no longer has custody of the victim due to an incident in 2018 where the victim sustained injuries to her face and skull.

Officials say in the complaint that Black admitted to the incident.

It also says that Black told officials that he considered the victim to be just like his child and would let the victim sleep on his shoulder. According to the complaint, Black felt sick about what he has done.

He will be before Judge Wilson for Docket Day on Monday.