A Wellsburg West Virginia man was arrested after he led deputies on a high-speed chase on his motorcycle.

Officials say they went to stop Braxton Bone while he was on his motorcycle but he looked back at a deputies vehicle for about five seconds and took off at a higher rate of speed, reaching over 106 MPH.

During the pursuit, officials say Bone was traveling in and out of lanes and nearly struck multiple vehicles.

Bone ended up on Three Springs Drive where officials say they lost visual of Bone for a moment.

EMS units heard the traffic on their radio and spotted Bone at Sheetz

Weirton Police caught up to Bone and found that Bone had an expired motorcycle permit.

Bone allegedly told police that he ” didn’t see any lights.”

Officials later out that Bone also did not have the vehicle registered in his name after purchasing the vehicle from a previous owner. Bone allegedly had the registration plate on the vehicle from the previous owner. Bone also allegedly did not have the vehicle insured.

During processing, officials say Bone apologized and said “I really didn’t see any lights.”

Bone was arrested on charges of reckless driving and fleeing with reckless indifference.

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