Thousands of boaters from all across the Mountain State have been looking forward to the holiday weekend and the summer season.

Boat traffic along the Ohio River is expected to pick up significantly over the next few weeks, WV DNR officials are urging anyone who takes to the water to follow strict safety guidelines.

If you’re in or around the water, turn your personal flotation device on.

There should be one for everyone.

Officials say we shouldn’t swim near a launch ramp or a boat that is running.

Obey the no wake zone laws and don’t drink and drive the boat.

You could get a DUI on the waters, just like on land.

We’re not here to slow down anything about your holiday weekend, we want you get out enjoy the natural resources, enjoy all the waterways we have to offer but please do it safely. It doesn’t take much to do it safely, if you just take the time to read your rules of the road, refresh your memory on your boater safety. When it comes to operating a vessel after you had a drink please take everything in consideration and do it safely, get a driver if you need one.”

Officer John B. Smith – West Virginia DNR

He says what ever your plans are for this weekend or the summer season please do it safely.
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