During the regular Brooke County Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning the Northern Panhandle Workforce Development Board shared some good news regarding their young adult programs.

Christine Smith reported that they had a great response, as they put teens in work environments that help prepare them for their future and for their second chance program.

Their second chance program helps people with opioid abuse find jobs.

“People who have struggled with the opioid epidemic in this area, you know they need that second chance a lot of times and you know with something like that on your record sometimes it’s hard to get, so when you have an agency who’s dedicated to going out and finding work for those people, that’s massively helpful. I mean everybody in this area knows somebody who has been affected by it.”

A.J. Thomas – President Brooke County Commission

Norther Panhandle Workforce Development Board is looking at trying to get more funding through the Federal Government to help keep these programs going.