The Brooke Bruins got off to a 2-1 start in 2021, and it wasn’t until OVAC play that the season saw a decline. The team opened up against Ripley at home. This season, it’ll be Ripley again in Week 1, but the Bruins will be making the over 2 hour trip to take on the Vikings.

“We’re going to get on the hot bus and head down there. The biggest thing for us is I think is getting of the bus and being awake and not sleepwalking into the game. I think it’ll be a pretty good game though.”

Mac McLean/Head Coach

McLean has many more players on his roster which will not force as many athletes to play on both sides of the ball.

“We have like 70 kids out this year. We had a few years back where we only had 42 so we’re going to be able to go two-platooned in a lot of spots. Now, in some of our skill positions; wide receivers and defensive backs, you’re going to see the same faces. But, inside the box, we should be really close to two-platooned.”

Mac McLean/Head Coach

Not only will most linemen only be asked to play on one side of the ball, but it enters the schedule more seasoned as well.

“We don’t have any younger, per se, players that are going. Last year, we had a freshman start and a few sophomores actually so, we’re older now, we’re more mature on the line. We know what we’re doing a lot better.”

Tanner Griffith/Senior Lineman

The same pattern of maturity can be found on defense as well.

“Last year, we did have a lot of young guys on the defensive side and this year we’re just more fast. (We’re) more fast to the ball. 11 heads to the ball always.”

Logan Gaschler/Senior LB

Gaschler also feels like the past is the past.

“We haven’t had the best record in the past years but we honestly look to be the underdog in some of these games and come out and surprise some people.”

Logan Gaschler/Senior LB

After Ripley, the Bruins will play Indian Creek in Week 2.