It’s not as unusual where families who lived paycheck to paycheck are surviving without a job and, in more extreme cases, some are without a home during this COVID-19 crisis.

A few of those families facing homeless are being helped financially through Youth Services System or YSS, which runs a lot of shelters and programs for families, children, and people struggling with homelessness in the Ohio Valley.​

The CEO of Youth Services System John Moses says there’s been a lot more calls for help recently as we’ve been dealing with the Pandemic. YSS has helped around 12 to 13 families pick up their feet. Three of those families are in leased units at the moment, while two of them are in a hotel waiting to move into an apartment.

“Can you imagine a family out in a tent? That’s unacceptable. I wonder sometimes, what would the memories of the children who are experiencing this be. It has to be a shattering experience for them.”​

John Moses, CEO of Youth Services System

A lot of those families are going through lay off, evictions, while some of them just aren’t making their rent. 

According to Moses, it’s been especially hard now for the families because the Salvation Army in Wheeling isn’t offering these services during the Pandemic.

Anyone who needs financial help should call the YSS main office at 304-233-9627.