There are numerous organizations across the Ohio Valley that make it their mission to help those in need.

Some people would even call these organizations the areas best kept secrets.

Watch employs people that have different kinds of disabilities.

And they say the work they do with the organization means so much.

They have many job opportunities such as Watch Dog where they shred paper, assembly line work, packaging, bulk mailing, making boxes at Liberty Distributors, and clean coins from the Wishing Well along with many other things.

“We also have the Greenhouse which is one of our biggest right now besides the shredding. Also we have like the rest area. We take care of janitorial. We have employees at the rest area. We have them at DHHR and the Department of Highways also. They do cleaning,” said Watch Manager, Lynn Wallace.

Each worker is paid by donations from their many supporters.

Wallace said without the help of those supporters they wouldn’t be able to do what they do.

“United Way is a big part of it. They’re one of our supporters. We have many opportunities with them. Even meeting other agencies and benefits and different things we have from United Way and the money that we receive,” said Wallace.

Regina Boone is a Watch Dog employee but does many different things at watch and says she just loves what she does.

“I love being in Watch Dog and also I love sealing screws,” said Boone.

Wallace said this program is so important, it gives them a sense of pride about what they do.

“Because they feel safe here and they are comfortable and they also have many opportunities to work with the community. That’s what we are about too is we integrate them into the community. So they do a fantastic job as you can see,” said Wallace.

They also help with the integration of them into the community.

“I like being at the paper. I love working everyday,” said Boone.

Honestly just being around them is so contagious it just makes everyone happy.

Workers also told me they can be having a terrible day and stop in at watch and it makes their day better.